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190. What IS podcast management?
Episode 1905th December 2023 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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During the episode, I also shed light on the differences between a podcast editor, producer, and manager. While a podcast editor focuses solely on editing the audio, a podcast manager takes on a more comprehensive role, handling various tasks related to producing and promoting the show. The term "producer" can sometimes be used interchangeably with "manager" and often implies a more hands-on approach in the creative process. 

As a podcast manager, you have the opportunity to provide additional services like video editing, YouTube management, and even pitching your client to be a guest on other shows. The podcast management field offers room for growth and specialization. 

By diversifying your skill set, you can provide valuable support to your clients while creating new revenue streams for your own business. If you're considering transitioning from being a virtual assistant or a podcast editor to a podcast manager, there are a few factors to consider. Are you someone who enjoys the details and the creative aspect of working on a podcast? Do you find fulfillment in being part of a team and assisting your clients in growing their shows? If so, then marketing yourself as a podcast manager can open up a world of possibilities for personal and professional growth. 

In this episode, we cover:

-What is podcast management?

-The importance of podcast managers in the podcast industry

-The primary services a podcast manager offers to their clients

-The key difference between a podcast manager and a podcast editor

-Assessing your fit for podcast management based on your preferences and skills

-How important is it for podcasters to have support in managing the details of their show

-and, The business growth potential for podcast managers, including becoming a podcast coach

If you want to chat more about this topic, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over on Instagram! @laurenwrighton

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