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Interview with Tal Florentin, Founder & CEO of Summurai - Part 2
Episode 6910th March 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is the 2nd part of my interview with Tal Florentin. In the first part of our interview, we discussed the background of Summurai and where businesses are starting to use more audio. In this second part, we switch our conversation to talk about other places where audio is being used so content can be relayed to its intended audience.

We discuss:

  • Audio being used to give instructions for things like pre-surgery
  • Using different audio for male versus female consumers
  • The struggle that comes up when working with businesses to use a less formal tone of voice
  • Asking what kind of shoes the company wants the voice actor to wear when speaking their script in order to determine the scale of casual to formal in their audio
  • It can be tricky to find the right voice to match the tone of the content
  • The need for their own unique platform to house the audio
  • When having both the written and audio versions of content makes the most sense
  • The first use of audio to relay content- the guided tour
  • The summarization of content and how it comes into play
  • The struggle of long audio versions of content (like an audiobook)
  • The benefits of microlearning
  • Using microlearning as a way to summarize content for someone the same way a friend might be able to if you were in person
  • Summaries of people’s expertise and how that helps
  • Using summies to help with the medical field for doctors to learn
  • Using summies to help the layman learn about concepts that are hard to understand if you’re not in that field
  • How hard it is to be natural on video, which makes it hard to connect with your audience
  • The similarity from video to audio and how hard it is to sound natural when doing voice acting
  • We connect better when we feel like we’re part of a conversation
  • Voice actors who have done in person acting sometimes struggle and will overdo it
  • Personal voice versus professional voice
  • Opting in to using the voice memo app because it sounds more natural
  • Natural communication sounds like people just saying what they need to say
  • More info on Summurai


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