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Do you love your job enough to be the best at it? - Jessenia Soto
Episode 812th September 2021 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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Jess Soto shares all her positivity and wisdom on the latest episode of The Instructor as we cover excellent topics such as:

  • Watching your language
  • Relationships and why they matter
  • Is the DVSA forcing people to level up
  • Female only driving schools
  • How to create a dope ass version of yourself

As someone from outside the industry, Jess offers a unique view on the driving instructor industry and the current situation we find ourselves in. She talks about the need to level up and if we're not good enough, we should invest in ourselves to improve.

Jess also discusses the importance of language in both how we talk to ourselves and others. If we consistently speak negatively to ourselves, we'll start to believe it. So what could happen if we're actually positive about ourselves?

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