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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 46, 7th June 2021
How to Implement Digital First Marketing - With Neal Schaffer
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How to Implement Digital First Marketing - With Neal Schaffer

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Neal Schaffer.

Neal Schaffer is an authority on helping innovative businesses digitally transform their sales and marketing. Founder of the digital marketing consultancy PDCA Social, Neal currently serves as a Fractional CMO for several organizations. Neal also teaches at Rutgers Business School and the Irish Management Institute. Fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, Neal is a popular keynote speaker and has spoken on four continents in more than a dozen countries. He is also the author of 4 sales and marketing books, including Maximize Your Social (Wiley) and the recently published The Age of Influence (HarperCollins Leadership), a ground-breaking book redefining digital influence. Check out Neal’s Maximize Your Social Influence podcast for marketing inspiration.

Why you've got to check out Neal's episode:

- Discover how Neal helps those that need marketing help, whether they are a start-up and don't know how to leverage social media marketing, a mid-tier business who feel their staff are junior with digital or an enterprise business who need to move in a new direction.

- Understand the biggest challenge of not doing the marketing you need to be doing or that your marketing you are doing is simply not working. This could show up as a poor return on investment or awareness of your competitors gaining more traction from their marketing.

- Why marketing is the engine for business growth and why you should be where people are looking for more information relating to your product or service.

- Learn the one piece of advice that Neal gives relating to the topic of Digital First Marketing. And understand the three key areas of Search, Social and Email marketing - you need to approach each of these with a digital first mindset.

- Get access to Neal's free eBook which will be called the Digital First Playbook. You can also apply to be a part of Neals community of members using the links provided below.


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