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1 | Grubhub’s “Brand Loyalists” Strategy Breakdown ft: Amanda Allbee
28th September 2021 • Community Powered Marketing • Sue Frech
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What is the purpose of an advocate community, and how does it differ from a social platform or an affiliate program?

One of the biggest challenges faced by brands who are building communities is the trap of creating a place where people come, grab a perk for joining, and then disappear. In addition, many brands suffer from a lack of cross-functionality, leading to lost insights and lower engagement.

In today's episode of Community Powered Marketing, Sue sits down with Amanda Allbee of Grubhub to discuss the initiatives they've implemented to address these very issues and create a thriving and engaged community among Grubhub's diners.

You'll learn what went into Grubhub's decision to build an advocate community that went beyond a simple social platform.

You'll discover how they've been able to create a powerful collaborative and cross-functional environment that combines the expertise of multiple teams and technologies. 

You'll find out why nurturing deeper relationships with your customers and acting on their feedback has become table stakes when it comes to audience engagement and community building.

You'll also learn how the community you create with your customers can help support forward-thinking initiatives that benefit others in meaningful ways.

Join Sue and Amanda as they discuss the power of an engaged and responsive community and how it can help your brand grow.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Why Grubhub chose to build an advocate community and the factors that went into making that decision.
  • How they've been able to create a collaborative and cross-functional environment where multiple teams and technologies come together to create a better experience for their diners.
  • Why Grubhub believes that listening to their community and taking the feedback they receive seriously is absolutely essential for building brand love.
  • How communities can help support exciting and forward-thinking initiatives, not just be a tool for rewarding members with perks.
  • And so much more...