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Alumnus Jamie Clements and 'The Breath Space'
Episode 309th June 2022 • Life at Hoe Bridge School • Hoe Bridge School
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#030 - Welcome back to Life at Hoe Bridge School, the podcast where we speak to pupils, staff and parents to find out what it’s really like. Every week we’ll be talking to members of the school community to hear real stories of life in the school. 

In this episode we're hearing back from one of the pupils who left the school a few years ago. Jamie Clements of 'The Breath Space' talks to us about his experience as a boy at Hoe Bridge School, where he went to university afterwards and how the school helped him. But we also get to understand all about the importance of breathing properly and how it can help us all. 

So come with us now as our host, Tracey, takes us into this conversation.

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