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S1E2 - Social mapping and transect walks: lessons from Nigeria
Episode 225th January 2022 • Connecting Citizens to Science • The SCL Agency
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In this episode we talk to Noela Gwani and Luret Lar about two participatory methods were used as part of the COUNTDOWN project in Nigeria to explore community structures and spaces; transect walks and social mapping. We discuss how these methods can be used to: 

  • Facilitate community entry and raise awareness of projects 
  • Bring together diverse groups of community members to discuss their problems 
  • Identify structures that could be used in programme implementation

Dr Luret Lar, Department of Community Medicine, College of Health Sciences 

University of Jos and Jos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. 

I am a medical doctor, consultant public health physician and a masters holder in international public health from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. I am currently a lecturer in the Department of Community Medicine, University of Jos; with interest in international public health. For the past six years, I was the research manager for the couNTDown project, a multi-country and multidisciplinary implementation research. We employed participatory methods to collaboratively design solutions to neglected tropical diseases programme challenges. I have been involved in local, regional and global research and networking focussed on community participation and health system’s strengthening.; 

Noela Gwani, COUNTDOWN Nigeria 

A social scientist with experience of participatory, inclusive and qualitative research, I worked on the COUNTDOWN project as a Team Lead and collaborated with Ministries of Health to better engage communities and stakeholders in improving equitable Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) program delivery. I have been involved in the production and dissemination of research outputs such as practical tools to support participatory action planning, as well as case studies and blogs.