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Inside Balsamiq: The Importance of Building Longevity in Your SaaS Business with Alasdair Mason & Valerie Liberty # 157
Episode 1579th December 2021 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Alasdair Mason is the Customer Champion at Balsamiq. He has been developing his passion for great service in a number of fields for over 2 decades. Whether it's mobile computing, winter sports, video hosting or wireframing the one common factor is providing exceptional support.

As a resident of beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California he embraces the remote-work lifestyle and, when away from his desk, he loves to golf in the summer and snowboard in the winter.

Valerie Liberty is the Head Chef at Balsamiq, but she also handles sales and free inquiries in the Wow! Division. She’s their first US employee, and has been helping customers try to rid the world of bad software since the 90s, even before she and Peldi, worked together at Macromedia. Balsamiq may be a flat organization, but she still answers to one manager, 18-year old rescue mutt, Cooper.

During this episode we cover:

  • 00:00 - WA.Team Convert Messages to Happy Costumers
  • 00:54 - Intro
  • 02:57 - Balsamiq's Way of Customer Support
  • 04:35 - Love What You're Doing
  • 05:47 - The Goldencircle of Balsamiq's Freemail
  • 12:18 - The Importance of Longevity
  • 17:28 - Building & Implementing Longevity
  • 23:11 - Alasdair's Favorite Pet at Balsamiq Team
  • 24:14 - Alasdair's Favorite Lake Tahoe Summer Activity
  • 25:09 - Cooper and Nala's Favorite Balsamiq Recipe
  • 26:20 - Who's The One That Hates The Most Going to The Vet?
  • 27:16 - Favorite Hobby That Gets Them Into A Flow State
  • 31:09 - Career Path & Professional Development Tips
  • 35:09 - What Motivates Them to Keep Working Hard
  • 37:16 - What They Love Most About Working at Balsamiq


Sunir Shah's SaaS District Episode

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