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Daniel Huerter - Leadership and Authenticity in Entrepreneurial Partnerships
Episode 10228th August 2023 • Authentic Leadership for Everyday People • Dino Cattaneo / Hoolibean
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Daniel Huerter went from working at a Fortune 500 software to becoming an entrepreneurial trailblazer who dove into the cannabis / CBD startup realm, as the Co-Founder of Pure Spectrum CBD.

Daniel shares his journey, what it means to him to be an authentic leader, his mission-driven approach to the industry, and how a conflict with his own value lead him to walk away from the company he started. He also shares some valuable insights for young entrepreneurs who are looking for the right partner and co-founders, and some of the pitfalls to avoid.


[00:56] - Dino introduces his guest, Daniel Huerter, the CEO of Pure Spectrum CBD.

[02:49] - Daniel explains how his experience at an industry event motivated him to transition into the CBD industry to help people.

[03:47] - Daniel talks about his education and his career in the software industry.

[05:26] - Daniel shares the ONE thing that fueled his desire to leave his job in the software industry. 

[06:54] -Daniel shares the story of his initial entry into the CBD industry as a side hustle before becoming a co-founder of Pure Spectrum.

[08:41] - Daniel discusses the core principle of Pure Spectrum CBD.

[09:51] - Daniel shares Pure Spectrum’s grassroots approach to marketing that’s led to word-of-mouth sharing and brand growth.

[10:08] - Daniel discusses the pivotal moment that gave him the confidence to leave his corporate job.

[13:04] - A mission-driven culture: Daniel highlights the impact of the products on the founders and early employees.  

[14:40] - Daniel shares the influences that helped him formulate the company culture at Pure Spectrum. 

[15:27] - How the customer-centric philosophy influences every decision at Pure Spectrum.

[19:48] - The importance of maintaining alignment between mission and actions.

[20:20] - Daniel shares the story of why he left Pure Spectrum.

[22:25] - Guardrails and milestones: Daniel shares his advice for navigating partnerships. 

[25:07] - Dino shares the common mistake founders often make when entering into partnerships and the steps to avoid them. 

[25:40] -The story of Daniel's return to Pure Spectrum CBD after his departure.

[27:12] -The importance of understanding market dynamics and consumer preferences. 

[28:15] - The importance of discovering your authentic passion for fulfillment. 

[30:45] - The unexpected turn of events that led to his return as CEO.

[32:44] - Daniel opens up about the emotional toll his departure from the company had on him and the outside perspective that helped him see the impact he could have by returning.  

[34:52] - Daniel shares the exciting story of his reappointment as CEO. 

[36:30] - The factors that were instrumental in helping Daniel's leadership style evolve.

[38:27] - Daniel shares some of his challenges and what he learned from the Chinese farmer fable.

[40:53] - How the core values for the Pure Spectrum values were developed.

[43:02] - How defining core values enhances team dynamics and enables better leadership. 

[43:23] - To find out more about Pure Spectrum CBD visit their website here. You can also connect with Daniel on TikTok.

[44:33] - Daniel shares the hobby that speaks to his soul and the special music venue where he spends as much time as possible.

[46:06] -The one thing Daniel does to avoid burnout that’s so important to him it’s one of the core values of Pure Spectrum.

[46:21] - Daniel shares the artists and the music that is inspiring him right now. 

[48:26] - The overused phrase that Daniel feels sticks out like a sore thumb. 

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