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The Role of Evangelism In Your Growth Strategy with Amelia Taylor #031
Episode 3111th May 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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Amelia Taylor Heads up Evangelism for and in this episode she helps us understand how companies can leverage the role of Evangelist to fuel their community-based growth strategy. She also goes into detail on how one might pursue a path into corporate evangelism.

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[1:30] Amelia is a Strategic Advisor at several companies so I start out asking her to explain what all is involved in being a Strategic Advisor.

[6:30] It’s all about the human to human connection. Why it’s important to develop both your IQ and EQ in business.

[10:50] We unpack how she got into Sales Development and time at during a period in her life where she was a single mother. She talks about the power of visualization and how she spoke her career growth into existence.

[16:00] A story on how she blew her target out so much that the company put a cap on the comp plan for everyone.

[22:10] How she got into selling RevOps services.

[26:10] We talk about what a Head of Evangelism does and how it helps drive growth for companies.

[31:00] Amelia shares how to engage with prospects in/around sales communities when they bring up challenges they're facing in Slack groups.

[38:00] Her advice to people who are new to Evangelism and community-based outreach.

[47:00] Amelia updates us on what is up to, how it works, and what’s new. 

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