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Gregg Lehrman, CEO of Output - How AI Will Transform Music and Creativity FOREVER
Episode 112 β€’ 10th April 2024 β€’ Progressions: Success in the Music Industry β€’ Travis Ference
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Gregg Lehrman is a music composer, producer, technologist, and entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Output, Gregg is working to inspire creativity for musicians with their groundbreaking suite of music production tools, which now includes their AI tool, Co-Producer. As a composer his work can be heard in countless feature films, TV shows, and ad campaigns including projects for the Smithsonian, Daily Show, Apple, Avatar, The Avengers, and Saturday Night Live.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • The Ethics Behind AI Tool Development
  • The Difference Between AI as a Creative Tool and AI to Replace People
  • Output’s Ethos to Empower Creativity
  • How to Approach Starting Your Music Career as an Entrepreneur Starts a Business
  • Why Collaboration is One of the Most Important Tools for Success
  • Why Community Will Become a Central Focus for Artists
  • How He Got His First Job in Music with Hans Zimmer
  • Tips for Starting Your Career in Music

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Guest: Gregg Lehrman

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Stephen Boyd

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