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REWIND: Burnout Breakthrough with Dr. ZaDonna Slay
Episode 1320th April 2022 • Joyfully Black • Joy Dixon Paul
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In this episode, Joy has a candid conversation with Dr. ZaDonna Slay on her burnout breakthrough. Dr. Slay is an administrative social worker, nonprofit professional, and university instructor.

After graduating from college at the age of twenty, today’s guest achieved her dream role as a nonprofit Executive Director at twenty-five years old. Despite thriving in her career, ZaDonna found herself plagued with imposter syndrome and burnout. Today she shares her burnout breakthrough, how faith and community sustained her, and the power of dance and self-forgiveness on her journey.

What to listen for:

  • Burnout symptoms look different among Black women 16:17
  • What helped ZaDonna recenter and recover from burnout 25:23
  • What is in ZaDonna’s mental wellness pocketbook 28:29
  • The role of dance and movement in burnout recovery 31:37
  • Advice to her 19-year-old self 34:13
  • Her theme for 2022  42:35
  • How self-forgiveness brings joy 42:41

Where to find Dr. ZaDonna Slay

Instagram: @drzslay

Twitter: @drzslay


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