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Episode 64: Nate Burkhalter on Adversity, Overcoming Injury, Our Limitless God, American Ninja Warrior and More!
21st December 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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There is no limit to what God can do with a life when a person is not in it for their own credit, but fully committed to glorifying God. Nate Burkhalter has an incredible story of perseverance and resilience through adversity and learning to fully surrender his life to God.

This episode will encourage you to dig deeper and press on in your own life. You may discover some of your own limiting beliefs where you can experience your very own big breakthrough!

In this episode, you will discover:

-"No Limit Nate" explains how we limit ourselves...04:45

-Nate's "Early Life Crisis": a heart cry to God, "There has to be more!"...09:20

-Giving everything to God might be the catalyst for real change...13:00

-Adversity through college prepares him for the future...16:50

-Stay faithful and God will put you in the place you need to be...19:00

-Severe burn injury threatens Nate's life and identity...21:30

-Finding gratitude even in the midst of hardship and trials...24:20

-How God used adversity to grow Nate's faith in him. "Don't be a victim."...25:25

-Spiritual boot camp with a pastor at a small church in Houston, TX...28:00

-Advice for those struggling with porn: break the cycle of shame...30:00

-How we are being programmed by our environment, pay attention!...34:15

-American Ninja Warrior finds Nate: a journey begins!...38:05

-Nate has a breakthrough about how to present himself to secure selection on the show...40:30

-Consecutive years of American Ninja Warrior, missing wins by one spot and enduring injuries...42:00

-Leaves his engineering job, God teaches him about being ALL IN...44:35

-Nate gets called to join a Survivor style show in Latin America...47:00

-"A Yes man for God," Nate's plans for 2022...49:45

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