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Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Dr. Brennan McKenzie
Episode 1114th July 2023 • The VetMed Mind • Veterinary Growth Partners
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In this episode of the VetMed Mind:

Join Rachel Teichberg on this edition of VetMed Mind as she discusses the fascinating journey of Dr. Brennan McKenzie in the field of veterinary medicine. Dr. McKenzie's path has been nothing short of incredible, with majors in both Biology and English literature, along with extensive fieldwork with pinnipeds. He went on to complete a master’s degree in animal behavior, studying environmental enrichment for captive primates, before pursuing various jobs in primatology.

Eventually, he attended the prestigious School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been practicing as a small animal general veterinarian for the last twenty years. Dr. McKenzie has also served as President of the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association and has published journal articles on evidence-based medicine and small animal geroscience.

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. McKenzie has continued to pursue his interest in the intersection between science and clinical practice. He has taught veterinary students, written a monthly column on evidence-based medicine for Veterinary Practice News magazine, and published a book for pet owners and veterinary professionals titled Placebos for Pets? The Truth about Alternative Medicine in Animals.

In 2021, Dr. McKenzie began serving as Director of Veterinary Medicine for Loyal, a San Francisco-based biotechnology company researching canine aging and therapies to improve lifespan of our beloved furry companions.

You can learn more about Dr. Brennan McKenzie's work at

Learn more about Adobe Animal Hospital:

Get his book: Placebos for Pets? The Truth about Alternative Medicine in Animals

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