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Optimism Vaccine - The Optimism Vaccine Network EPISODE 129, 25th February 2021
Autism Sings
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Autism Sings

It's hard out there for an obscenely rich lady with unchecked power and limitless resources. Sometimes you just need to make an utterly tone-deaf film and call it Music. Sometimes you make your main character autistic. Sometimes you research the role by passively watching I Am Sam while you refresh your Twitter feed and consulting a hate group. Normal stuff.

Wouldn't you know it, people got pissed off at Music before it was even released. What a shame!

We decided to do what Sia begged us all to do: Watch her shitty movie before we call it shitty. We also use this very special episode to talk about her career as a dedicated poster and discuss her large adult sons.

THIS WEEK: Music (2021)

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