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[Special Guest: Addi Loganbill] The Future of JGFG
Episode 2021st June 2023 • Mind to Muscle • Jennifer Loganbill
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Today's episode features one of my favorite people in the entire world, who also happens to be my mini-me, Miss Addi Loganbill! Addi is one of the most inspiring and thoughtful kids I know. She's small but mighty and I am so blessed to be her mama!

In this episode, Addi gives her best advice to our sweatysisters, how to handle bullies, how to show kindness to others, and her dreams for her future. We also chat about some fun topics like her favorite books, what superpower she'd like to have, and what she likes doing with her family.

This week, we challenge you to be the light in someone's life even when it's hard.

Today, Addi shares:

  • What working out means to her
  • How to show others kindness
  • How to handle bullies
  • Her dreams for her future

You are strong. You are powerful. You are worthy.

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