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EA013: Profit… Then Art | Architects Build a Better World By Making More Money [Podcast]
9th January 2014 • EntreArchitect Podcast with Mark R. LePage • EntreArchitect // Gābl Media
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It’s Official! The Entrepreneur Architect Podcast is now on a weekly schedule.

In this, my 13th episode, I share the new schedule for everything Entrepreneur Architect including the weekly podcast and the new publication date for The Entrepreneur Architect Report, my free weekly newsletter.

My weekly blog articles will continue to be published on Monday mornings. A new episode of the podcast will be posted every Thursday morning, taking the slot from the newsletter. The newsletter will move to Friday afternoons. Read the newsletter while you are preparing for your weekend, or save it to read with your Sunday morning coffee. The best part is that there will be more Entrepreneur Architect every week for you to enjoy.

This episode of the podcast is my first solo show since introducing the podcast over a year ago. With the new weekly schedule, I will have the time to produce more solo shows where I will share more of my personal thoughts on business success in architecture, as well as anything else I care to discuss. No worries though… my interviews with interesting and inspirational people will continue as well.

The topic for this episode is Profit… Then Art. It is inspired by the first section of my ebook, The Entrepreneur Architect Manifesto, which reads;

I believe we need to focus on profit before art.

I hear it everyday from architects, saying that the money doesn’t matter. We should do it for the love of the profession, for the art of architecture. Yes. We must do it for the love of the profession and for the art, but we should be rewarded commensurate with what we bring to this world. We bring beauty and function and design and comfort and consistency and warmth and convenience We do that. Architects do that. No other profession can do that.

Each time we board an airplane, we are reminded of the procedures in case of an emergency. We are told, if the cabin loses pressure, oxygen masks will drop from above. We are told to first care for ourselves before assisting other passengers. Why is that? We must care for ourselves first because if we are unconscious or incapable, we can be no help to other passengers.

Similarly, if we do not first care for our businesses before we care for our art, we will not be around to create our art. We must have healthy, profitable businesses in order to continue our mission of making the world a more beautiful, more functional place.

If you want to read all of The Entrepreneur Architect Manifesto, you will receive a copy for free when you subscribe to my newsletter, The Entrepreneur Architect Report. If you are already a subscriber and did not receive a copy of the ebook, thank you, because you were an early subscriber. Send me an email and I will send you a copy for free.

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