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How Health System Executives Can Address Physician Burnout with Dr. Kevin Mosser
Episode 1624th February 2020 • The Prosperous Doc • Spaugh Dameron Tenny
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Being a doctor and practicing medicine is a noble profession. And when you ask a physician or medical practitioner, you used to hear about passion as the main reason why one should pursue this path in the first place. But sadly, the excitement and enthusiasm that is often associated with the practice is being heard less often. There is a lack of joy in the profession that’s prevalent among many doctors today, caused by burnout, among other things.

Additionally, more practitioners moving out of an independent practice into one where they’re employed in a corporate organization. With this shift, can CEOs and the C-suite help address burnout and help the physicians working for their company?

For this episode’s guest, Dr. Kevin Mosser, health system executives can certainly do something to make a difference in the lives of their doctors! Dr. Mosser is the former CEO of WellSpan Health and is currently a senior medical consultant for SE Healthcare and law firm Saxton & Stump. He talks about the many trends he’s seen in medicine over the years and how the changing working environments are contributing to the issue of burnout. And because more are choosing to become salaried doctors, these new compensation systems are further exacerbating feelings of frustration, which can lead to being burned out. (13:31)

He also discusses how fostering open communication between physicians and the organization is necessary as there’s a gap between how corporate management is done versus the training doctors receive in medical school. (20:50) This leads to medical practitioners feeling overworked, undervalued and underappreciated as corporations focus more on providing greater access to patients.

For Dr. Mosser, the dialogue between the two parties have to improve and that constructive conversation has to take place. (21:51) The C suite must let their doctors know that they are listening to the doctors and that measures are being put into place to make sure that the problem is being taken cared of. He suggests implementing programs, systems and even incentives that can lift the physicians’ spirits and bring back the joy in medicine. It may take some time and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run. (33:29)

At the end of the day, health corporations won’t be successful and effective if their doctors are burned out and unhappy. (23:57) 

This week’s White Coat Wisdom tackles goal-setting and how this is the first step to achieving any type of goal, particularly financial goals. When you have goals in place, you’re setting priorities in terms of where you spend your money. It lets you be clear on whether you should throw your cash to a particular item or experience.

You’ll also gain increased confidence in saying yes only if something will help you move towards your goal. You’ll be able to take ownership of your finances, which translates to more freedom in the long run.

Dr. Quinn Capers is this week’s White Coat Achievement awardee for his transformative leadership in academic medicine. An interventional cardiologist, and professor of medicine and dean of faculty at the Ohio State Medical School, he focuses on uncovering implicit bias and reducing its effects in the admissions process in medical schools.

In 2013, he introduced the implicit association test within the admissions examination at Ohio State Medical School. This particular test aimed to uncover hidden racial and gender biases that are prevalent not just among students, but in the administrators as well. He paved the way for the existence of more minorities in medicine.

He loves sharing his insights on Twitter, along with other interests like his push-up hashtag challenge.

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