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Building International Careers as a Couple with Kate Galloway
Episode 11522nd November 2021 • Transformations with Jayne • Jayne Nakata
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You just never know what reaction your actions in the world will cause! My episode with Kate Galloway is an example of what can happen when you put your hand up for things or just try something. I wrote an article about the lack of women in podcasting for my podcast hosting software, Captivate. Kate saw that article and something about it made her take that step forward she had been thinking about, but not doing. I hope you will listen and hear the rest of the story as well as the wisdom that Kate has around international careers and what to do when your partner comes home and says: “How do you feel about living in Sweden?”

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How the pandemic has changed people’s ideas about work and the flexibility they want from their employers
  • How Kate made her way from her hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland, to settle in Dubai
  • How an article written by Jayne about women in podcasting gave Kate a final push to launch the podcast she had been working on
  • About Kate’s coaching of international career couples both as individuals and as a team
  • Kate's advice for women considering an international move, either for their own career or their partners

About Kate:

Kate is a passionate and effective International Coach Federation ACC coach with 15+ years supporting individuals and organisations in their personal and professional development.

Kate is enthusiastic about providing impactful, creative and thought-provoking coaching and development experiences. Kate has coached clients across construction, health, hospitality, professional services, data and consulting, creative and transport industries.  Kate’s intuitive and motivational coaching style enables her clients to find focus and clarity whilst enhancing their personal and professional growth.

Prior to becoming a coach, Kate had the opportunity to work internationally (UK, US and UAE).  In addition to coaching Kate is experienced in human resources, cultural competence and organisational development. With professional experience ranging from local government to the world's largest energy companies, Kate is motivated working in technical and non-technical environments and loves to partner in coaching relationships working on career transition and intercultural perspectives. Her professional qualifications in coaching complement her undergraduate degree in Business Studies and Masters in Human Resource Management.

She is an expat and with an international client base of whom 80% have been expatriates, she is passionate to support international career couples to align and grow their careers as they live on the move.

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IG: @kategalloway_coach

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