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183: A Case Study in the Adoption of Robotics Featuring Rob Goldiez (CEO of Hirebotics) and Justin Montes (CEO of DeAngelo Marine Exhaust)
Episode 18330th April 2024 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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What are some of the results of integrating cobots into your production processes and how do you help your employees push past any initial apprehension they feel to fully embrace the benefits?

In this special case study-style episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we welcome Rob Goldiez, CEO of Hirebotics, a company that makes welding cobots for welders, and Justin Montes, CEO of DeAngelo Marine Exhaust, onto the show to talk about the intersection of automation, technology, and human craftsmanship.

We take a deep dive into real-world scenarios of what it looks like when a company adopts robotics, specifically collaborative robots. What factors into the decision making? What are some of the hiccups that happen along the way and what does success look like after a robot is installed?

The conversation also covers leadership, robotics, and trends in the collaborative robot space. Plus, if you like welding, fabrication (or boats!) then you’re going to love this episode!

In this episode, find out:

  • The world of DeAngelo Marine Exhaust
  • Explore Hirebotics’ revolutionary robotic solutions
  • The journey to automation – overcoming challenges with cobots
  • Some of the impacts of cobots in the workplace
  • How embracing cobots is a game changer in production
  • The impact of cobots on efficiency and innovation
  • Industry perspectives – reactions to cobots
  • Cobots as creative tools
  • Ongoing support and results

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Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We paid off the cobot within an order. One order! So that was done. Now it's just icing!”
  • “The consistent thing is companies are struggling to hire and retain key welders. They’re an aging workforce. You see that all over. Can't find welders, can't meet production, struggle to grow the business.”
  • “There is a general fear of automation. It's going to replace my job versus it's going to take the dull, dirty, dangerous stuff away so I can be more creative.”

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