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75 - Time to pull the plug?
Episode 7524th October 2023 • Parts Department • Justin Brouillette & Jem Freeman
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Justin and Jem commiserate about the difficulties of growing their product businesses while still needing to do custom client work to pay the bills. They're impatient with the slow transition and want to steer their companies in new directions. But it's tough when technical problems like Justin's temperamental 3D printer eat up time and mental bandwidth. Still, Jem finds joy tinkering on passion projects in his early mornings. The shopkeeps aired their grievances but remain determined to keep moving forward on the long and winding product road.

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  • Struggling with delegation vs control. Assertiveness check.
  • PS Power Update
  • Free play mornings are back
  • Tool Holder Holder - New product drop 🍷
  • 100% product overnight vs slooooow burn
  • 3D Printing Issues
  • Bambu X1E


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