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Do You Have A Wealth Mindset with Axel Meierhoefer PhD
Episode 10217th December 2020 • Local First • Rob Kochanski
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Do you have the mindest to build wealth? I dive deep with Axel Meierhofer, PhD on what it takes to grow your wealth and leave a legacy for your family by leveraging real estate.

Key takeaways from Axel

  • How the right mindset gets you on the track to become a successful real estate investor?
  • Why residential real estate investing is more than a good plan for your money?
  • How can we build a legacy through real estate investing that serves your family and generations to come?
  • Get over your analysis paralysis, following a plan you create a path to financial independence.

More about Axel

 As a retired Air Force officer, I started my first company in 2005, focusing on consulting, employee skill development and program management. These areas remain in place these days and have grown internationally. I have always had a love for education and helping people help themselves become successful. As a business owner, I began thinking about applying profits towards retirement and research clearly indicated that owning real assets would be the best way. It’s also the path that the government supports the most.

This has led to the development of a residential real estate investment portfolio currently worth about $1.5 Million. It’s still growing, and many lessons I learned are now available for me to teach, coach and mentor people.

On my journey, I havemademany relationships, learned about the pitfalls of purchases, andmadegood and bad decisions that ultimately resulted in reaching economic independence. I would love to share my expertise with your audience so they can do the same.

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