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Relationships And Money Struggles
Episode 54th March 2021 • So, How's Therapy? • Karen Conlon
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Your net worth does not equal your self-worth.

It sure does feel like that sometimes though, doesn’t it? Money is a hard topic for most of us to discuss, but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore it completely. I spoke with my friend and colleague Jelisha Gatling (LMFT), founder of Let’s Unpack Therapy about money, relationships, and how we as individuals relate to money.

She actually just released a course about this very topic called Money, Mindset, and Marriage.

I honestly forgot we were recording a podcast while she and I were working on this episode. I learned so much, and there were so many ‘aha’ moments. Especially around money scripts…but more on that later.

What You’ll Learn

  • What financial infidelity is and how it can impact your relationships
  • Shame, guilt, and scarcity and how it relates to money
  • How gender norms, our childhoods, etc. can impact our view on money
  • Money and intergenerational trauma
  • The four money scripts and what they mean
  • How to set healthy boundaries around money with those around you
  • How ‘Let me think about it’ is one of the most powerful sentences you can use

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