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How Sumitomo Corporation of Americas Turns Inventory into “Ready Money”
Episode 120229th November 2023 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Join us for this exciting episode, as we discuss Sumitomo Corporation of America's innovative approach to inventory optimization, as they collaborated and partnered with Optilogic, and how they incorporated a simulation-based model to convert inventory into "ready money."

Hosts Scott Luton and Greg White welcomed Evrim Ertugrul, Deputy Head of Corporate Logistics at Sumitomo and John Ames, Jr., VP of Business Development at Optilogic for an excellent conversation that highlighted:

  • The complexity and pressure businesses face, with increased awareness of the supply chain due to events like the great toilet paper shortage
  • A critique of traditional inventory optimization methods that fail to model real-world demand variability and are based on outdated assumptions like average demand and static upstream service levels
  • Sumitomo's collaboration with Optilogic on a project named Cosmic Frog, where they use a genetic algorithm to run many simulations, creating a risk-free environment that assists in decision-making
  • The simulation's ability to handle various types of demand profiles and the concept of moving towards a digital twin for supply chain operations using advanced modeling techniques

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