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Manjushri’s Advice to Lama Tsongkhapa - The Quickest Way to Actualize Realisations
Episode 278th May 2023 • Lama Zopa Rinpoche Essential Extracts • Lama Zopa Rinpoche
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Rinpoche explains that Lama Tsongkhapa asked Manjushri “what is the quickest way to actualize realizations on the path to enlightenment?” Manjushri replied that there are four things. First, purify the obscurations. Obscurations can be purified because they are not in the nature of the mind. The mind’s true nature is buddha nature; it is completely empty of existing in the way it appears to us. The more we purify the obscurations, the more realizations come–this is because of the power of the mind. In the West it might seem like if you have a mind then it has to have attachment, it has to have anger and ignorance, it has to have the self-cherishing thought, but the Buddha taught that the mind’s true nature is totally free from attachment, anger and ignorance. The best purification is pleasing the guru. Everything depends completely on correctly devoting to the virtuous friend. 

Second, collect the cause, which is virtue. There are many practices to help do this, such as mandala offerings, but the main practice is following the guru’s advice and wishes. Third, one-pointedly make requests to the guru to receive blessings of the path in your heart and to understand Dharma. “One-pointedly” means looking at the guru as a buddha, using quotations and reasoning. Through your requests, you will receive blessings like rainfall, nourishing the seed of realizations in your heart. 

Fourth, meditation. But meditation alone is not enough to achieve enlightenment. If you think like this, this is not understanding how to practice lamrim, how to achieve liberation from samsara how to go to enlightenment. Manjushri said that if you correctly practice with all the support–purifying, collecting merits and one-pointedly requesting the guru–then enlightenment happens. 





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