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Values-Based Investing for the Future of the Planet with Will Peterffy
Episode 3417th February 2022 • Before It Happened • Donna Loughlin
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“Put your money where your heart is.” That’s the tagline you’ll see when you visit Will Peterffy’s mobile trading platform IMPACT. Will is the ESG Director at Interactive Brokers, and his purpose is to help guide younger generations who want to invest consciously. Millennials are the most socially responsible and soon to be wealthiest generation of investors the world has ever known. In this episode, Donna talks to Will about how he believes mission-based investing can help create a better, healthier planet and why he says other hedge fund owners should get in front of the wave. Join in while we imagine the future of collective and generational efforts to make a change!

Before any world-changing innovation, there was a moment, an event, a realization that sparked the idea before it happened. This is a podcast about that moment — about that idea. Before IT Happened takes you on a journey with the innovators who imagined — and are still imagining — our future. Join host Donna Loughlin as her guests tell their stories of how they brought their visions to life. 


(01:12) - How Will Peterffy found his purpose - “One of the things that Bioneers focuses a lot on is the principle of biomimicry. When we're addressing a solution, nature usually has one that's better than what we can come up with on our own.”

(07:49) - From ranch hand to Board of Directors - “I spent my summers working on regenerative ranches in Montana. And this is actually where I had that epiphany moment.”

(15:27) - Explaining IMPACT, Will’s new mobile app for conscious investing - “You can create your own personalized combination of different values to really reflect who you are, and it will then match your investments with those values.”

(20:26) - Millennials and the blockchain - “We're able to create currencies and assets that are backed by different values, so we're able to invest more directly in what we care about.”

(25:10) - On tracking data about the health of the planet - “If we can see these different data points coming in and be able to track the health of our ecologies, we can start accounting for them. Create systems that incentivize the healing of them.”

(28:07) - The process of applying to a One Small Planet grant  - “The biggest thing with that is really having an understanding of exactly where the money's going and that it's really going to those who know what to do with it.”

(30:34) - What the ‘Big Hedge Funds’ can learn from ESG efforts - “This tide shift is occurring and people are going to start being held more accountable for the impact that they have on the planet.”


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