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2. Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm – Episode 2
18th May 2018 • Podcast • Parents At Work
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Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm – What’s normal, what’s not?

Do you wake up thinking about your to-do list?

Does your mind and heart race?

Do others comment on how calm you are yet you still feel the pressures of modern day life?

How can you support yourself when you feel overwhelmed, stressed and tired?

Chances are you have experienced some level of anxiety or stress in your lifetime, and you are not alone. Over 2 million Australians a year suffer from anxiety, according to beyondblue... and that͛s only the people that have been diagnosed.

Given the increasing demands of work and family responsibilities it͛s not surprising that every parent has experienced some level of anxiety.

The question is – what is normal? And what is the flow on effect to our health? What are we role modelling to our children and colleagues?

Katie and Sam address anxiety and overwhelm by helping us expose its root cause and discussing the effects of allowing it to accumulate (despite thinking we͛re getting away with it!) They will also help us assess where we are at with our anxiety, what sets us off and some practical ideas about how we can support ourselves in our every day.