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E59: What To Do When the Identity Crisis Hits with Garrett Rafols
Episode 592nd June 2022 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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Garrett Rafols is the Senior Director of Sales Excellence at GymPass. Recently coming off eight years at LinkedIn too. And today we get into how those of us who operate in sales enablement are in a position of *priviledge*. Hard stop. And how to handle the identity crisis that 100% of sellers experience at least once in their career. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • Sales Enablement is a position of privilege.
  • What are power statements and how you can best use them? (4:05)
  • Success is in the journey not the outcome. (7:53)
  • Should 100% of sales enablement humans carry a bag first?
  • The internal struggle/identity crisis 99.99% of seller hit is real. (10:52)
  • “When am I my best?” “When am I my worst?” Exercise (12:42)

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