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005 How to Keep Your Voice Hydrated Efficiently
Episode 55th February 2021 • The Voice Coach Podcast • Nic Redman
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Today I want to talk about hydration - why it is so important, how to hydrate our voice, how we know we are dehydrated, and what should we do if we are? I'm offering you solid tips to ensure you are adequately hydrated and enjoy optimum vocal health. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What systemic and superficial hydration are and how they work
  • Why hydration doesn't come just from fluids
  • How much and when we should drink fluids
  • Consistency as key to a stable hydration
  • Top tips for systemic and superficial hydration 

Keeping ourselves hydrated is a complex, but not a complicated process. With a proper diet, awareness of our vocal mechanism, knowing the fluids that count, and keeping in mind the relevance of superficial and systemic hydration, we can keep our voice healthy and optimally hydrated. 

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