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Extus Justin
Episode 26th May 2021 • Pursuing Profit with Principles • Regina Partain Bergman
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On today’s episode of Pursuing Profit with Principles, you will meet Extus Justin, a Coach for Coaches and Consultants. Extus shares his story of the entrepreneurial journey, with its many ups and downs, more downs than ups in the beginning, and of his perseverance through it all. He is a great champion for getting people to be Relentless about their own success.

Bio: Extus Justin helps Coaches and Consultants take their knowledge and expertise and use it to make a difference in the lives of others. He helps them market their businesses online and get consistency in terms of client attraction.

Extus believes that one of the fastest ways to have the greatest impact on the world is through Coaching and Consulting.


[00:00] Introduction

[15.22] Law of the Lid

[16:33] I needed to fire myself

[23:14] Profit Strategy

[3:26] Ideal Client Offer

KEY Takeaways

·     When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. 

·     Entrepreneurs need coaches because we come into the entrepreneurial world not knowing what we don’t know about how to create a sustainable, successful business.

·     Stand on the shoulders of giants, like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and others.

·     Sometimes you have to fire the CEO

·     We live in a knowledge society

·     Stop trading time for money as much as possible.

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