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2023 Reflections
18th December 2023 • Unlocking Greatness with Ryan James Miller • Ryan James Miller
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In this episode, Ryan James Miller reflects on the highlights and challenges of 2023. He shares personal achievements such as officiating weddings, participating in the CrossFit Open, and launching his book, “Wounds: How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become the Keys to Unlocking Greatness,” which you can get from  

Ryan also discusses professional challenges, mental struggles, and his decision to stop drinking alcohol. Looking ahead to 2024, he emphasizes the importance of doing hard things, aligning actions with God’s vision, nurturing relationships, and driving growth in his coaching program. 

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Takeaways from this episode: 

* Reflecting on the past year can provide valuable insights and help set goals for the future.

* Challenges and setbacks can lead to personal growth and transformation.

* Choosing to do hard things can empower and inspire personal development.

* Aligning actions with God’s vision can lead to fulfillment and success.

* Nurturing relationships and focusing on personal well-being are essential for overall happiness and success.


00:00 Introduction 

01:01 Reflecting on the Year

02:26 Highlights of 2023

04:20 CrossFit Competition

07:39 Concerts and Trips

09:29 Personal Transformation

11:23 Launch of Ryan’s Book, “Wounds”

13:51 Consulting Deal and Financial Challenges

15:07 Mental Struggles and Reflection

18:22 Alcohol Challenge and Reflection

28:12 Goals and Vision for 2024

36:20 Focus on Relationships and Growth

40:01 Call to Action and Conclusion

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