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The Fall of One Big Tech? Facebook Stock Teeters on the Edge
Episode 1258th October 2021 • The Bull & The Bear • Money & Markets
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On Monday, my life was not changed, ruined or left in panic.

I was not one of the millions around the world who cried out in terror because I could not post my every life moment on Facebook.

At 12 p.m. Monday, Facebook and its compatriot social media platforms — Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram — suffered a six-hour outage that created social media pandemonium.

While Facebook is not my social media outlet of choice — I tend to stay on Twitter — I did pay attention to the impact the outage had on Facebook’s stock price.

And there’s a bigger story here…

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, Iexplain how the outage pushed Facebook’s stock down further and how its continued decline can be traced to something that happened a month ago.

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