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Self-Care Strategies for Industrious Women
Episode 58th March 2023 • The Fire Inside Her with Diane Schroeder • Diane Schroeder
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By now we’ve all heard of self-care. It’s something we’ve talked about often in the last four episodes of this podcast. Today’s conversation considers that even though we’ve heard of it, are aware of it, and admit that we need it; it can still be difficult to actually do it. Dr. Colleen Foster even points out that for industrious humans, it’s something we may have to schedule in time for. Our self-care isn’t something we can easily fit in. There is just so much that we want to accomplish every day that it falls off the list. Especially, when we have a hard time moving ourselves to a place of prominence.

The conversation covers a lot. We touch on invisible work, communicating upsetting news, and the importance of trust in leading teams. It’s a valuable conversation you are going to be glad you were part of, and take a lot away from.  

Dr. Colleen Foster is an emergency room physician and a medical director. Dr. Foster grew up in northern Indiana and attended college at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science. She attended medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, graduating AOA with an emphasis in medical care for the underserved. She completed residency training at Denver Health in emergency medicine. Since completing her training, she has worked in emergency departments in the Denver Metro and Boulder area. She currently serves as the Medical Director for Louisville Fire, an Associate Medical Director for North Metro Fire, and a Physician Advisor for the Louisville Police Department and West Metro SWAT team. Besides her professional activities, she is a mom to two small boys, the wife to an entrepreneur, and an aspiring regenerative farmer.

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