Ep.1 "Wholy bad performance Batman"
Episode 112th February 2019 • THE REEL DEBATERS PODCAST • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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Welcome to The Reel Debaters! I'd love to tell you that you'll find the elegance of Leonard Maltin and the thoughtful criticism of Roger Ebert here but if we're being honest, thats for those "other" film podcasts.

Welcome to the thunder-dome of Movie Debates friends. Here at The Reel Debaters we come up with situational debates and find out if our most beloved characters can make it off the screen in real life scenarios and if your hosts could survive in plot from some of cinemas and tv's best . 

For our first podcast cus we're new we decided to tackle what we know and argue the best of the worst of the actors who have had the chance to play the caped crusader , BATMAN! 

Cast: Micheal Petrow, Martin Navarro, Aron Doell and featuring Marc Cowell.

*note the name change, you are not listening to the wrong podcast, great minds think alike and we had to change our name*


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