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Changing Your Mind, One Thought at a Time
Episode 8123rd November 2021 • The Driven Woman Entrepreneur • Diann Wingert
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I often say that human beings only have two problems: We are always thinking and we always believe ourselves. While this may sound sarcastic (and it probably is) the underlying truth is that for many of us, our thoughts are just as much the source of our suffering as our actual circumstances.  That’s not to say our circumstances might not need some changing, but plenty of us have everything we need to be healthy, happy, successful, and fulfilled and we aren’t, because of our stinking thinking.  

Over the course of the last few solo episodes, I have been talking about confidence, negative self-talk, and questioning your fear.  Today’s solo episode is the next topic in the mindset series, how to actually begin to change your brain by changing your mind. I have been doing this mindset work for a number of years, starting with taking classes in meditation and mindfulness center, where I initially went seeking help from chronic pain.  

What I discovered over time is that mindfulness, meditation, cognitive therapy, and personal growth work all create transformation at the level of the mind and that unless we change our minds,  we won’t find lasting results from changing other aspects of our lives (jobs, relationships, hair color….) 

What we will cover in this episode:

  • The pressure to conform to the norm
  • The nature of what we call ‘reality” 
  • Sleepwalking through life 

And, the three levels we progress through that allow us to transform our minds, one thought at a time

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So, that’s all for now, Driven Woman!  See you next week, when my guest Sarah Mac joins me to discuss how to find your path as a multi-passionate creative.  If you have so many interests, ideas, and projects going that you don’t quite know where to focus, you won’t want to miss it!