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How To Develop An SaaS Product, Get The Best Marketers To Promote It, And Protect Your Cash Flow Too, With Oliver Schmalholz
Episode 20514th October 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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If you have a SaaS company or a Subscription product, this episode will open your eyes to a powerful path to the top-notch promotion you need.

Typically, you know, it’s pretty hard to get the big movers and shakers, unless you have relationships with them. They’re pretty selective if they even promote third party products and services at all.” Oliver Schmalholz

If you have an audience, this episode will help you win in the long term and the short term. 

While it’s awesome getting a huge commission on a successful affiliate deal, the current affiliate marketing model is really a short term model.” Roland Frasier.

Roland Frasier talks with serial entrepreneur Oliver Schmalholz, who is not only a tech wizard but a brilliant deal maker. They discuss his background but zoom in on their new partnership and platform, Unicorn Equity, where Promoters earn cash and equity deals and SaaS companies, grow risk-free.

About Oliver

After banking millions of dollars when he sold his first company, Oliver realized the traditional discretionary buy-and-hold long-only portfolio wasn’t the holy grail when the Tech Bubble burst. The advisors still made the same fat fees even though his account suffered a major draw-down. Since then, he has only been interested in data-driven investment strategies that work in bull and bear markets. He went from nothing to trading over $4m per day in US stocks and co-founded News Quantified to allow the investing community to generate profits and manage risk utilizing news analytics.

Listen Today For, 
  • Why Oliver chose a ‘Data Play’ instead of starting his own Hedge Fund.
  • An alternative funding source for companies with a subscription product.
  • How to access the best marketers in the world without shrinking your cash flow.
  • How a blogger, an influencer, an affiliate marketer can become a Venture Capitalist.
  • The dynamic Analytics engine that Oliver’s team is building to do all the accounting, valuation, deal configuration, and tracking!
Plus, Olivers Tips For Someone With Nothing But A Software Idea

“I know people, who ended up taking a year and a half (or two), and they still don’t have a product. They think they can hire a couple of workers and have them piece together a solution on WordPress. Well, that’s not a scalable SaaS solution…Once you understand the full life cycle of software development, you’re able to do an MVP, a minimum viable product, within 90 to 120 days on any new product or service that you want to roll out” Oliver Schmalholz.

  • What Oliver would do if he were starting out.
  • The biggest mistake he sees people make.

The more time you spend upfront thinking about the end picture, the less you’re going to spend on development once you start coding.” Oliver Schmalholz

  •  Who your first hire should be (before a coder!) and how to spot a great candidate.
  • The vital difference between a Product Manager and a Project Manager.
  • Why Oliver likes to hire both great front-end developers and back-end developers.
  • The 6-Member team you will need (and where to find them).
  • A target budget that’s reasonable for a well-run team to develop a product.

If you’re NOT an experienced entrepreneur when it comes to software development, the first-time cost can completely get out of control. I’ve seen people spend a million and a half to $2 million before the product is ever ready.” Oliver Schmalholz

  • The mistakes he sees developers make.

It doesn’t have to look super pretty yet. The user interface is important, but don’t spend three months, you know, making stuff look amazing, put it in front of users, collect feedback back.” Oliver Schmalholz


Oliver hasn’t paid for flights for 20 years. Hear his travel hacks at the end of this show!

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