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Solve the Stalemate: Co-Create your Team’s Future of Work - with Clare Kumar
Episode 3619th December 2023 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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In this solo show, Clare digs into the reasons behind the current tension between leaders and employees. She suggests that it is solvable and offers practical ways to do so.

You’re listening to episode 36 of the Happy Space Podcast, and today it’s me Clare Kumar. We’re going to be talking about “solving the stalemate,” looking closely at the tension between leadership and employees. I’ve got some solutions for you.

News reports keep informing us that leaders and their teams are at odds on how best to get work done. Executives are issuing mandates to return to the office while employees have redefined their ideal way of working and it includes much less or even no time in the office. This tension reveals itself as employees quit, quietly or otherwise. Clare digs into both sides to understand the cause of the standoff. She offers practical ways to bridge the gap such as ten ways leaders can create more effective teams and introduces the new Happy Space® Work Style Profile™ to help workers articulate what conditions invite their best performance. The profile is part of the Happy Space® Total Team Work™ program to help leaders and their teams co-create their future of work.

Productivity catalyst, highly sensitive executive coach, and international speaker Clare Kumar explores the intersection of productivity and inclusivity. She inspires individuals to design for well-being and cultivate sustainable performance while avoiding exhaustion and burnout. She encourages leaders to co-create the future of work with their teams all while respecting neurodiversity and humanity. This is a topic Clare explores with innovators here as the host of the Happy Space Podcast.

Clare draws on a diverse corporate career that took her from Toronto to Tokyo and Montreal, with equal experience as an award-winning entrepreneur. She is a sought-after media contributor to news and lifestyle shows including the Huffington Post, Fast Company, the Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, The Social, and the Marilyn Denis Show. Whether speaking to one person or thousands, Clare loves inspiring massive shifts by inviting you to pay attention to little things that make a big difference.


00:01:40 Tension between Leaders and Employees

00:04:09 In case we haven’t met before…

00:05:47 Productivity is personal and flexibility is inclusivity

00:07:27 Remote vs. in-person work

00:08:37 Leaders’ attitudes towards control and management

00:13:47 What employees are really thinking

00:15:05 The world has gone through significant challenges

00:16:40 Building a culture in a world of “black Zoom squares”

00:20:42 10 ways leaders can create more effective teams

00:32:37 Taking the Happy Space® Work Style™ Profile

00:35:07 Sharing your profile with others & the value of disclosure

00:38:54 Happy Space® Total Team Work™ Program

00:43:06 Where to find Total Team Work™ program, Work Style profile, and links.


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Highly sensitive executive coach and productivity catalyst, Clare Kumar, explores the intersection of productivity and inclusivity continually asking how can we invite the richest contribution from all. She coaches individuals in sidestepping burnout and cultivating sustainable performance, and inspires leaders to design inclusive performance thereby inviting teams to reach their full potential. As a speaker, Clare mic-drops “thought balms” in keynotes and workshops, whether virtual or in-person. She invites connection through her online community committed to designing sustainable and inclusive performance, the Happy Space Pod. Why? Because everyone deserves a Happy Space.

Believing that productivity is personal, the podcast is produced in a variety of formats so you can enjoy it in the medium you prefer:

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If you prefer to read, please see the transcript below.

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