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Successful Restaurant Stories: Where Are They Now
Episode 3120th October 2021 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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Get ready to be inspired! In this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, my guest is someone you’ve heard from before. I interviewed her in November 2020. Her story was pretty inspiring then, but almost a year later it’s even more so. Emmy Barnick, owner of The Captain’s Cabin in Washburn, ND, made incredible changes to her business in the height of the pandemic. In this “where are they now” interview, Emmy describes her timeline from thinking about closing her restaurant to making a bottom-line improvement of $288,000 in the last 12 months. Be prepared to drop all the excuses of why you’re not able to start down your system's journey after hearing this conversation. Emmy is a great example of the potential every restaurant owner has in their restaurant. You just have to start somewhere.


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