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Helping Restaurants Turned Into A Business with Pineapple Pickup
Episode 410th November 2020 • Unf*ck My Business • Unfuck My Business
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"I am a writer by passion at heart. At the core of everything I've ever done, writing has always been a part of my role. And this was the first opportunity that I had to actually make that my main function and turn it into a job. And what I learned in that experience is that tying your passion to a paycheck is not always the best mix."

How do you take a product through the process from idea to execution in the midst of a global pandemic? With the help of your community! Get first-hand insights from Jackie and Donny Minchillo about how they built Pineapple Pickup in response to COVID-19's impact on their local restaurants and how the UFMB Community* supported their journey.

More about Jackie & Donny:

Jackie is a former corporate ladder climber with a background working for digital marketing and publicity agencies in Detroit and Chicago. In 2015 she and her husband decided to quit their corporate jobs, sell everything they owned and move to Costa Rica. Jackie spent 3 years covering Costa Rica for International Living Magazine and spent a lot of her time in Costa Rica on a journey of spiritual discovery and self-healing. During her "hiatus" in paradise, she developed the idea to expand her husband's freelance web development business into their co-founded eCommerce web development agency, Pineapple Development. Today she and her husband live in St. Petersburg, Florida where Pineapple Development has merged with local digital agency Big Sea. The Minchillo's are also the co-owners of residential and commercial cleaning company Joy of Cleaning, amongst various other business ventures. Writing has always been a passion of Jackie's and a part of everything she's ever done, and has lead to her latest endeavor, a life-long goal of publishing her first book: "Happy Pillz; 25 Tools to Overcome Overwhelm in Your Everyday Life Amidst Normalcy OR Chaos" available on Amazon. 

Born in Brazil, Donny spent his teenage years in New York learning to speak English and plotting his American Dream. He studied computer arts and technology at Mercy College in New York and was always technically inclined. His interest was really sparked though when he decided to sell a faux fur coat he bought and never wore on eBay, and made money! Today Donny is an eCommerce expert with 15+ years of experience. Throughout his journey, he's touched every aspect of the industry from retail arbitrage and creating wholesale relationships as an omnichannel retailer, to being the merchant. He eventually became an E-commerce Director and then decided he wanted to "get his hands dirty" so to speak and became a Magento developer. He is the co-owner and CEO of Pineapple Development which he co-founded with his wife while they were living abroad in Costa Rica, and now he leads a team of the dev-iest developers to bring high-quality development services to merchants using the Shopify or Magento platforms or those in need of a custom web application to run their business. He is also the co-owner alongside his wife Jackie, of Joy of Cleaning in St. Petersburg, Florida, a residential and commercial cleaning company. In addition to multiple business ventures, Donny is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and early adopter. He's committed to accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment through any business that he owns ;-) 

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*NOTE: At the time of recording, the UFMB Community was still known as the CORE Leadership Collective. So you will hear everyone mention CORE a lot. That's us; they're talking about us.


In this episode: Chris Delaney, Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Jackie Minchillo, Donny Minchillo


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