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How to Know When You ve Made It!
Episode 2819th April 2018 • Youpreneur: The Profitable Personal Brand Expert Business! • Chris Ducker
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When you’ve put in the effort and hours of growing your business, how do you know when you’ve made it? In this episode of Two Minute Tuesday, I talk about reaching the summit of success as a Youpreneur.

Success can look like different things to different people. It can look like finally quitting your day job, hitting a target or even having to turn away customers. There is one underlying theme which is a growing pressure (and even anxiety) to succeed even more.

This is why it’s important to pursue success with realistic expectations and to remember that even the most successful entrepreneurs aren’t exempt from that fear and pressure but they are certainly committed to working through it!

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • How to know when you’ve made it as a Youpreneur.
  • The effects of overnight success versus growing your business slowly to success.
  • Much, much more!

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