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Season One Finale
Episode 151st April 2020 • Biggest Loser Fancast • Dave Jackson
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The season was coming to an end. Here are some things I loved about.

The before and after pictures are amazing. Sure we normal people can't take months off to exercise non stop, but we see if we don't give up and stay focused - weight loss is important.

I had said before the episode that Kyle might be a sneak in winner. He lost 86 lbs. If Micah had a mistep, Kyle might've been able to step in and win. I always poked fun at coach Jim running out of gas, but yet he was consistently losing double digits over and over. I said if he could keep up his consistency, I could see him beating Micah and that is exactly what happened. Jim lost 144 lbs.

Congrats to coach Jim. that is an amazing accomplishment. He is now running with his team that he coaches.

Jim lost 37.4%

Micah lost 30.37%

Kyle lost 28.48%

Early in the season, I said I thought Megan was flyng under the radar and would be a contender and she was. She lost 84 lbs and was the at home winner.

While you could look at Shey and say "She only lost 17 lbs" I personally would take a 17 lbs weight loss.

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