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The Noss-A-Sode
Episode 27th April 2021 • REMarkable! • Steven Rick & Tim Elliott
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By now you’re probably wondering what a Noss-a- sode is.

It is a special title for a special occasion, it’s our first-ever return visitor and our first-ever co-host with the man they call Steve Noss 

If you haven’t listened to Steve Noss previous guest appearance in Season 2  here it is 

The topic of conversation in this episode is EX, or employee experience. Cooper Parry have hired 80 people or so over the last year or so, and are a master of culture and employee experience so there is no better person to lead us through a conversation on a topic that is currently always changing.

We discuss, culture, employer branding, onboarding, the change in workplaces, the loss of serendipity and spontaneity and what the future holds.

If you are interested in learning more about Steve Noss and the ethos behind Cooper Parry he recently did a great talk for CreativeMornings on the topic of Radical