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Prayer 2021 - November 1 - God's Word IS God's Will pt 1
Episode 3031st November 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Matthew 26:42

“He went away a second time and prayed, “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.”

God’s Word is God’s Will pt 7

We’ve been doing a deep dive on your need to study the Word of God for yourself and not relying only on the teachings of me, your pastor or other ministry leaders your entire life. YOU need to be studying the Word on a daily basis in order for you to survive and thrive in this fallen world on a daily basis. Amen!

In yesterday’s study session, our subject verse was from Mark 14:35, where we see Jesus asking the Father that, if there was any other way of doing what was about to happen (going to the Cross), he would prefer that. But then, as soon as He said it, He said, basically, “Let your WILL be done.”  In other words, if there is no other way, “let’s do it you way.”

Today, we read the same account, but from the Book of Matthew. Notice this is now the second time Jesus prayed this to the Father. There MUST have been some doubt and unbelief presenting itself to Jesus while He was praying about what is about to happen. THERE MUST HAVE BEEN!

The Bible says Jesus was tempted in all ways, just like we are.  Here, the devil is tempting Him. From the text, we can assume he is whispering in the ears of Jesus, “You don’t have to do this. God is capable of doing it in any way He chooses. IF you are the Son of God, don’t you think He could swing some other plan into operation? I mean, after all, He IS God – and do anything!  Haven’t you been preaching on that? Just ask Him to find some other way because you just do not want to do this thing…”

Why do you think Jesus prayed, “Let you will be done?”  He was hoping the Holy Spirit would tell Him there WAS another way… but when there was no immediate response, Jesus KNEW He had His answer. Go with the plan of God that had been predetermined from before the foundation of the world. Amen!

We will all have similar opportunities to question God’s Will in certain situations. There are Muslim brothers and sisters in Christ who are faced with, basically, the same question on a daily basis.  “Reject your claim the Jesus is Lord and the only way to Heaven – or you will die!”

Each and every single day, Christians are being put to death simply for their Faith. Usually, here in America, we look at it as happening “over there” and not “over here.”  But those times have already changed – for the worse – if you are a Christian!

Christians are being polarized, demonized, shunned, ridiculed and BLAMED for everything going wrong in America right now!  If we preach the Bible – we are labeled as racist, homophobic, gender phobic, transphobic, and whatever other labels are the “Words of the Day” in hell. 

The time has come where Christians, here in the United States, are beginning to see how difficult it is for our Muslim brethren to take their public stands of Faith in Jesus, despite the hardships or consequences. 

Christians here in America are basically impotent Christians. Weak, limp, unable to function as designed. Unable to bring joy or pleasure to anyone else’s life. Unable to influence another into making the True decisions for salvation in Christ alone. Unable to impact today’s society, political processes or culture in positive ways…

And when we try, we are demonized, threatened, lose our jobs, jeopardize our health and our families well-being.  And these things are just starting here!  Soon, we WILL be just about like any other Communist nation or Muslim nation – probably a combination of the two.

Then, we will long for the days where we could read our own Bibles and attend worship services. Instead, we will be on our own. Churches closed, preaching the Word outlawed or severely limited, etc.

So, as we close for today, I want to pray that YOU will take the stand of Faith every single time any form of persecution arises. It is a way to build up “herd immunity” against the wiles of the devil. Amen!

Let’s Pray!

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