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Trailer12th March 2020 • Growing Pulse Crops • Pulse Crops Working Group
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Today we introduce you to this brand new podcast focused on growing pulses like field peas, chickpeas and lentils. 

The purpose of this show is to follow some pulse crop farmers through the growing season and to dive into the research that’s helping them through some of the challenges they face. We’ll also talk to a number of other industry stakeholders along the way. 

Demand for these nutrient-dense, high-protein foods continues to grow. There is also interest from farmers to include more pulses into diverse rotations for benefits like nitrogen fixation and soil health. 

But the industry continues to face challenges, and we are eager to address these head on. So if you’re a pulse grower or in any way interested in these important crops, hit subscribe and stay tuned for future episodes. We’ll be back with plenty of information about challenges pulse farmers are facing throughout the U.S. and what solutions are working. 

This episode is just a teaser for what’s to come, but I have a bonus clip that I should I would share with you. Please make sure you are subscribed on your podcast player for many more great episodes to come!




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