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9 Ways to Raise Your Level of Consciousness
Episode 4110th November 2020 • You Are Limitless • Ani Manian
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If you’re tired of the endless stream of suffering your mind creates in the form of stress, anxiety, reactivity and discontent, you may be ready to raise your level of consciousness. The ego driven mind is always in a state of lack, fear and mistrust, keeping you stuck at low levels of consciousness. It keeps you trying to earn your worth, worrying about the future or obsessed with the past and destroys your relationships with others and yourself. Want to break free and experience peace and happiness? Then this episode is for you. After this episode you’ll have the biggest lessons I’ve learned that will allow you to know yourself on a deeper level and, in doing so, live an extraordinary life. 

So, are you ready to raise your level of consciousness and create peace of mind and a more fulfilling life? In this episode I’ll take you through nine steps to raise your level of consciousness. These steps will help you create a new experience for yourself that will help you feel safe, secure and happy. Are you ready to become limitless? If you are, let's get into the episode. 

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