The Short Score: Luke Brown's 2008 Pendleton Win
16th April 2024 • The Score from The Team Roping Journal • The Score Podcast from The Team Roping Journal
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Though the ProRodeo spring run is in full swing, The Short Score is reflecting on Luke Brown's Pendleton Round-Up in 2008.

Back in 2008, Luke qualified for his first NFR where he would place in seven of 10 rounds. But his trip to Las Vegas wasn’t really punched until September that year when he won the Pendleton Round-Up with his regular season partner Monty Joe Petska. On this episode, Chelsea Shaffer, host of The Score, has a quick conversation with Luke about winning Pendleton that year and why it was so important. This episode is an inside like at an article from the May 2024 issue of The Team Roping Journal Magazine, reliving the win and featuring cool pictures from the day.

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Host of The Short Score, Taylor Vollin, also notes who won which ProRodeos over the weekend, including Logandale, Nevada, Oakdale, California, Davie, Florida, and Kingman, Arizona.


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