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The Bhangra Podcast - Umer Qureshi EPISODE 14, 31st October 2017
14 – Temple Tashan Competition Review with Howie and Sid
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14 – Temple Tashan Competition Review with Howie and Sid

Hey y'all! On this episode Sid Pandit from FCB and Howie Magaro from AEG talk about Howie’s review of Temple Tashan 2017. Our discussion focuses on:

-Review from the competition organization perspective

-The lack of any feedback from the judges

-What should teams in general ask when going into a judges meeting

0:37 - Review of the mixer

5:25 - Organization of the show itself and after party

7:52 - Review of the judges

11:33 - Lack of the feedback from the judges

15:48 - What should teams ask when they go into judges meeting

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