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24 - Behind the Curtain: Getting Started In Gender Exploratory Therapy
Episode 2421st May 2021 • Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast • Stella O'Malley & Sasha Ayad
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This is the first episode in a short series which takes listeners behind the scenes of a gender exploratory therapy process. Although there has been plenty written about Gender Affirmative Therapy, very little has been written about a concept often described as Gender Exploratory Therapy. Sasha and Stella discuss the specifics of establishing a therapeutic alliance when a person is questioning their gender identity. They describe different strategies involving issues such as names, pronouns, clothes and hairstyles and reflect on the different stages of therapy, which they’ll discuss in subsequent series episodes.  


  • Anastassis Spiliadis: ‘Taking the lid off the box’: The value of extended clinical assessment for adolescents presenting with gender identity difficulties  



  • Sasha Ayad, Stella O’Malley and Lisa Marchiano: ‘Effective Relationships and Clinical Relationships’