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Welcome To The 5-Minute Strategist
Trailer29th February 2024 • The 5-Minute Strategist • Diane Mayor
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Welcome to the podcast for small business leaders who are pressed for time but hungry for growth.

Each episode is like a shot of espresso for your business strategy — in just five minutes, we tackle one big question that gets the gears turning and sparks new ideas for growth, innovation, and leadership.

Listen to it while brewing your morning coffee and come away ready to take on the business world.

Think of it as a daily micro-masterclass in the art of business strategy.


You’ve already got a Google Drive graveyard filled to the brim with courses and PDFs, get-rich-quick tactics, and other people’s strategies that didn’t live up to the hype.

You don’t need another podcast of rags-to-riches stories to inspire you or 7-step frameworks you’ll never implement or expert opinions on what your business needs next from someone who’s never met you.

You’ve been taught that knowledge is power and the right piece of information, tactic or trendy strategy might just be the thing that unlocks your growth.

What you’re not taught is that after a certain point, all of this information ends up keeping you stuck.

Stuck in analysis paralysis, overwhelmed, and decision fatigue.

Stuck relying on other people to show you the way.

And stuck wading through more tactic-heavy content still looking for answers.

Turns out the information and tactics are part of the problem not the solution you were looking for. And, as you’re beginning to suspect, the real key might be less about finding the right answer and more about asking the right questions to unlock the strategy that brings it all together.

But when there’s always a fire to put out, a client clamoring for your attention, or a team member who needs help with something, CEO Time always gets pushed to tomorrow's to-do list.

And you’re left wondering how those people posting their colorful, post-it-filled whiteboards from cozy strategic planning retreats on the gram find the time to make it work.

The reality is the best strategy is often quick and dirty on the back of a bill, napkin, or the margin of a rogue notebook within arm’s reach. After all, it’s meant for your eyes only, not chasing clout on the gram.

Big-picture thinking needs to happen in small spaces between delivering a 5* service to your clients, leading your team, and the business of running a business, even if you’ve only got 5 min a day

So this podcast is designed to fit into the small spaces and ask those strategic questions to help you find one small idea that could lead to big things for your business in just 5 minutes.

Welcome to The 5-minute Strategist. I’m Diane Mayor and I can’t wait to help you see just how strategic you can be in those tiny moments each day.