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Bonus content - Six brand focus points to help add value to your business
Episode 1Bonus Episode12th May 2020 • Divided by Brand • Daniel Ocock
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On this opening bonus episode I introduce myself as a host plus I talk you through six brand focus points that will help add value to your businesses brand.

If you want to download and keep the brand value sheet for your own reference or share it within your business follow this link.

I put myself under the Divided by Brand spotlight, giving you an insight into what I do and the reasons behind me making this podcast.

I discuss how working with leading business coach Matt Essam helped me define the biggest brand dividing moment in my life so far. 

This episode boldest brand is Joe Wicks

To read more about my own work and business, or if you feel like applying to be a guest on the show please visit my website. You can listen to more episodes and find all my social media channels where you can engage with me directly.

Divided by Brand is a show for entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers who find themselves at a point on their own journey Divided by Brand. Produced by Daniel Ocock a brand identity specialist with over 20 years design experience and founder of Vie Design Co. This is a chance to hear first hand about real life brand dividing challenges. Particularly those key moments when you hit a wall with what your brand should be or even what your brand has become. It’s the perfect show for business minded individuals who are facing their own brand challenges.

Listen on your commute, in the car or those moments when you just need something new to focus on. Featuring branding news and insights. The top 3 ‘Boldest Brands' of the week plus weekly key guest interviews. Go behind the scenes of personal branding, corporate branding, branding for artists, creatives and even streamers. Listen to first hand accounts of what happens when you get branding right, and what happens when you get it wrong. 



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